What would you do for a miracle?
What price would you pay?


The haunting chant swelled and vibrated off the towering cliffs.

Gus felt a chilling breath whisper across his neck. “Evening prayers,” Rheininger murmured. He glided past Gus and up towards the monastery, reeled in by an invisible cord. At the top of the rise, the monk paused. Bursts of light surged inexplicably around him.

Gus recoiled. Icy fear spiked through him.


This was the monk’s world, not his.


Sacred icons – with the miraculous gift to heal – have vanished. Hardened investigator Gus Killian joins forces with Frank Rheininger, a contemplative monk and expert in iconography. Soon Gus finds his world turned upside down. Gus depends on cold hard facts; Rheininger relies on the spiritual realm.

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T.L. FOOSE is an author, chaplain, and consultant for non-profits in Latin America.


T.L. Foose

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